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Hold on tighter to
the friends that you made
And the life that you once knew

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Carl Barât: The interview

Never read this one before…I love it! Although wonder what went wrong between this and the “Never doing Libertinesevereveragain” interview in 2011…

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But the centre of my world, the heart of Albion, was undoubtedly Waterloo. It was where the city came into sharp relief for me when I was fifteen, where, with a few friends, I came blinking into the light as we transcended from the train for the first time.

Carl -Threepenny Memoir.

This is what You’re My Waterloo, means to me. People say it refers to Waterloo as someone’s greatest defeat, referring to the battle of Waterloo and they may have a point. But for me it means the place. I think it’s saying that everything Waterloo means to Carl is what Carl means to Peter 'you're the centre of my world, you're the most important place for me, you made me who I am, you're the reason I'm here, you're the reason I'm still standing.' Just as Waterloo was Carl’s entry to London, Carl was Peter’s. 

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Okay. This was pretty fucking awesome too tbf. While #reunion 2014 is clearly better than #reunion 2010, especially in the love stakes… Leeds Festival is SO special to me… and being there, right then, after a day of amazing music and sunbathing and my best friend…. FINALLY ACTUALLY SEEING THE LIBERTINES…. it was pretty indescribable.